The Femininity of God and His Chosen Handmaidens

I received the following in May of 2020. Each time I started to write it, I’d came under fire and needed time to recover before trying to write it again. God is our faithful healer and protector, when He speaks a word He actively works to ensure it goes forth to accomplish what He intended for it to do. I believe the battle in getting this written is as much a part of the prophecy as the words themselves. God is powerful and the enemy is very afraid!


Holy Spirit sat beside me. I say He sat beside me, but really He surrounded me. His tender heart felt like a strong physical presence beside Me while His essence – beautiful intensity embodied in incredible gentleness – was a warm wind wrapped around and poured within me. It felt like coming home, or being hugged with a warm blanket or biting into a warm chocolate brownie. I yearned to bury myself deeper in this presence of love and find myself infinitely known and belonged.

With quiet exultant jubilation, Holy Spirit said to me, “The handmaidens of the Lord will be His secret weapon. There is a war coming in the days ahead that can only be won by the feminine expression of Us. There is a special part of Our Personhood that the feminine carry, which the enemy cannot overpower.”

“The handmaidens of the Lord are Our chosen secret weapon against the enemy,” Holy Spirit repeated this joyful promise. “There is a crucial part in the coming war that requires the feminine, and they are needed for the war to be won. There are some victories only the feminine can achieve. Even now We are actively rallying, training, and strengthening these handmaidens in hiding.”

Who Is The Feminine Expression of God?

He fell silent and I waited. Silence with Holy Spirit is quiet but never dull, still yet pregnant with activity. Even when He is silent, His heart is turned toward me and I know He is highly in-tune with and alert to my every thought and emotion. He is the best friend and tutor anyone could have. As I enjoyed those few moments of silence, I noticed Him smiling at me with patient amusement twinkling in His eyes.

Holy Spirit’s eyes were so full of compassion and love as He continued shining that unrelenting light into a part of my heart that I had kept under lock & key for a long time. Realization dawned on me that while I had remained silent when He spoke, my heart had experienced a vehement knee-jerk reaction, “Oh great, not another feminist word about women. How many women-empowering meetings & ministries are even effective, beyond being little more than a temporary feel-good for women at best, and anti-masculine at its worst?”

With patient understanding and an earnestness that made me feel that it was very important to Him that I got this, Holy Spirit explained to me, “The feminine expression of Us is in all humankind, not just women.”

I felt the increasing weightiness of His great joy and deep sorrow as He spoke.

“In Our image we created Adam and Eve to possess both the masculine and feminine expression of Us. We designed every single person with the fullness of Our glory, therefore they carry the complete DNA of the 3 of Us.

Masculinity and femininity have little to do with gender and much to do with the attributes of Our nature. We are Masculine as father and King who is powerful, strong, a provider, deliverer, leader, and protector. We are Feminine as the mother and nurturer who is gracious, merciful, tender, and loves beauty and intimacy.

We have revealed through scripture that We are both masculine and feminine in characteristic. We even designed the human anatomy to mirror Our image in this way. Human reproductive glands manufacture both male and female hormones. Women’s ovaries produce small but significant amounts of androgen, a male hormone. Likewise, men’s reproductive organs also produce a small but significant amount of estrogen, a female hormone. No one is 100% male or 100% female – not even the most “manly” man or “womanly” woman can claim this distinction.”

At this point, my mind was reeling as it scrabbled to intellect itself back to solid ground. I could feel myself pulling away from Holy Spirit, back-peddling as my mind rebelled against what He was saying even while my heart & spirit hummed and soared on what it knew to be true.

Holy Spirit, ever the counselor and the Initiator of Love, stretched out His arms (how far could those arms go?!) and put them around me. Pulling me close, He said, “Don’t be afraid.” Then ever the insightful Conscience, He tackled the heart of my struggle, “You are not being a heretic. Neither are you ‘going weird’ as you call it. But yes, this will not be an easy message to deliver because the enemy has sown such misogyny and chauvinism in the church, even amongst those who love Me, that it has almost completely shut down the complete expression of Us.”

He paused and I knew He was waiting. Holy Spirit’s fire can consume everything in its path, but He is so gentle with it. It would grieve His heart to do so, but I knew without a doubt that He would honor my wish if I said I didn’t want to hear anymore. This much God climbs into our humanity, weakness, and sin. This much He loves and hopes in all things’ eventual good.

How could I resist? I felt His beam of joy toward me. We continued the lesson.

“If anyone made a thorough search of the Scripture, they would find the masculine and feminine traits of Us equally distributed. Deep wounds have been sown into the earth since the enemy first divided Adam & Eve. Their separation from Us, and therefore each other, resulted in gender wars and a distorted, fractionated image of Us.

Some of the sons of Adam took on the masculine (conquest, acquisition, performance) and rejected the feminine (relationship, tenderness, conscience), resulting in a horrible disfigurement of Our masculinity into war, strife, violence. Some of Our sons, realizing that something was deeply missing, took on the false feminine and rejected the masculinity within them. That, too, was a distortion on Our image.

Some of the daughters of Eve took on the feminine (relational, intuitive, sensitive) and rejected the masculine (strength, assertiveness, boldness), resulting in a grievous fracturing of Our femininity into fear, manipulation, control. Some of Our daughters, realizing that something was deeply missing, took on the false masculine and rejected the femininity within them. That, too, was a distortion on Our image.

When men and women learn to live in harmony, honoring the gifts & differences in the other, Heaven comes on earth just like it is in The Garden. When a man honors the women in his life, they draw out Our femininity within him (kindness, home, comfort) while amplifying his masculinity and he becomes a better man for it. When a woman honors the men in her life, they draw out Our masculinity within her (courage, confidence, energy) while amplifying her feminity and she becomes a better woman for it.

The feminine expression of Us is in both men and women, and We are actively at work in this season to awaken it within the hearts of men and women.

There is a coming war that can only be won when Our feminine image is allowed to be fully expressed. This is especially true for women, Our chosen handmaidens. But it is just as important for men to embrace Our feminine heart within them.”

The Attack On The Feminine 

Love’s presence continued to rise & swell in both intensity and gentleness. I felt so safe. Holy Spirit continued, “The enemy is afraid and has sought to silence the feminine voice. The 3 of Us agreed that I would speak with you today because so much of femininity was made in My image. I am the Comforter, Healer, Counselor, and Friend. My name Ruach is feminine. I am the Spirit, or Essence, of Our presence Shekinah, which is also feminine. I am here to call out Our feminine within the hearts of Our children, and I will teach them how.

Male and female, We created mankind in Our image. Our glory is fully known on the earth when the masculine & feminine come together.

Now, I want to tell you specifically about Our femininity within women… and the special place these handmaidens have in the days to come.

Eve and her offspring were given a mandate to defeat the enemy. This is why women & children have a special sensitivity to things of the spirit. Walk the halls of history and you will see that where the voices of the women and children are valued, there is an openness for things from heaven and sharp discernment against demonic agendas.

When a woman stands fully in her identity and femininity of God, she is an unstoppable force; much like a rushing river, or a blazing fire… like Me. Knowing this threat, all through the ages Satan has launched a brutal assault on the thing he fears – the feminine image of God, especially in women. He has sought to silence the sensitivity of the feminine heart to things of the spirit. He has incited abuse, oppression, and an abhorrent devaluing of women. The more godless the society, the more unspeakable acts executed against My feminine heart.” Holy Spirit roared as His fierce protective anger burned against the enemy.

“How many people groups would’ve seen great innovation, fewer wars, healthier families, a more beautiful society… if My daughters had spoken all they saw & knew. We took Eve out of Adam to be his ezer – ‘a power equal to the man’. Together, as equal strengths, they are the perfect image of Us.

The assault on the feminine has greatly diminished its true significance. From the time of Eve, Our daughters have had an enemy rabidly determined to wipe them out. For he knows they are the key to his destruction.

In turn, Our daughters have sought to survive this cruel assault in two ways. Some have gone covert; submitting to the rulership of men and staying silent when they should have taken a stand, resorting to manipulation to get what they knew was theirs. Others have gone overt; denouncing the men by taking on their masculinity, declaring a war through aggression and intimidation to secure the place they knew was theirs.

We have seen Our daughters used, abused, bruised, broken, abandoned and rejected, and it grieves Us deeply. We have seen Our daughters hurting, distrustful of men… distrustful of Us…” there was deep grief in Holy Spirit’s voice.

Here, Holy Spirit paused. I met His searching eyes full of understanding, and light flooded every fibre of my being. He spoke to me gently, “Many of Our daughters are hurting. We do not condemn them, for We know what it is like to be an enemy of relentless evil. We know the weariness of battle and loneliness, the pain of rejection and abandonment.”

Holy Spirit’s eyes were so full of compassion and love as He continued, “Today is not a day to heap further condemnation on Our already-hurting daughters. I am here today to speak Destiny and Healing.”

The Call of Women: Embodiment of God’s Feminine Heart

“Come see the Man who told me everything I ever did.” – Photine, the woman at the well, John 4

“You are the God who sees me.” – Hagar, mother of Ishmael, Genesis 16


“Many of the handmaidens We have chosen are much like Photine and Hagar. These 2 beloved daughters of Ours, separated by a span of more than a thousand years, are similar in many ways and their lives are a prophecy of the coming company of handmaidens.

  1. Photine was a Samaritan outcast. Hagar was an Egyptian slave. They were relegated to the lowest rungs of society in their day. We have chosen such handmaidens who will win the coming war.
  2. Photine and Hagar were bruised, broken, betrayed, used, abandoned… chosen and comforted by Us. The handmaidens I am raising up in this hour have experienced great pain, often at the hands of men and systems run by men. I am meeting them in powerful ways in their hiding places, and like Photine and Hagar they will declare My love and nature to the world.
  3. Photine and Hagar were found by Us at a well. In this season, I am drawing Our handmaidens to the waters. I am awakening in them an insatiable, desperate thirst for Water. There, I will meet them, refresh, heal, and pour destiny into them.
  4. Photine and Hagar knew they were seen by Us, and through their eyes the world comes to know the depths of Our compassion. We are the God who SEES and HEARS. This is the name by which our handmaidens in training are coming to know Us intimately. They will emerge from their pain and rejection declaring, “He is the God who sees me”! Their lives will be My invitation to the world to come into My love.

Photine and Hagar were far from perfect. They were survivors, doing everything they could to make it in a system that was cruel to their kind. But look what became of them with just one encounter with Us.”

I heard such immense pride and joy in His voice as He spoke of them. I felt the love flowing from the heart of God toward these 2 women. Like a father beaming with pleasure at the child He is so proud of. “Photine was the first woman evangelist and is noted in history as “equal to the apostles” because she restored so many of Our children to Us. Hagar was the first person in scripture to call Us by one of Our names, El Roi. We are exalting our handmaidens of humble circumstances and broken hearts, because We know they are able to understand Our heart in a special way.

She who has been forgiven much, loves much.

Our handmaidens will be marked by brokenness, encounters with Us, and an openness & willingness to respond to Our love. They have a great capacity for loyalty, resilience in the face of challenges, and an unwavering certainty of Our Love for all humankind.

We are announcing these things today for the Church to watch and see. It is not something for them to do.

Only We can raise up Our handmaidens and prepare them for the war ahead; only We can impart to them the special anointing to win it. No man or woman can have their fingerprints on this company of handmaidens. They will be taught by Me, kept pure and unsullied by human wisdom. They belong to Us.I felt the protectiveness of Holy Spirit over God’s handmaidens, and it was so full of love.

“No one will know who they are, or where they shall come from. They will be hidden deep wells of revelation and power, and no one will know it. This cloak of invisibility is for their protection. I will not allow them to be exploited, exposed, and attacked by the enemy. I will be with them. I will stay beside them through the entire process.”

Daughters of Zion, take heart. Jehovah’s favour is upon you. He SEES and HEARS you. He is coming to commune and overshadow you. Remain under the shadow of the Lord’s shelter, stay hidden in Him. Don’t be tricked into building your own life. His hidden handmaidens will be His secret weapons.

The truth will set His daughters free into hope and praise.

He is for us. He is with us. He sees us. He hears us. In Him, we have a hope and a future!

Restoring The Feminine To His Handmaidens

With deep fondness in His voice, Holy Spirit spoke again. The tender protectiveness in His voice reminded me of the camaraderie and unbreakable bond between two people who’ve been through great difficulty and emerged on the other side together. Holy Spirit has never left the side of the daughters of God, never.

“I am healing the memories and past sorrows.

The enemy has sought to attack the feminine by crushing it into submission, or distorting it into the false feminine (control, aggression, manipulation).

I want to heal you from your pain and trauma. I want to heal your wounds.

I am restoring My feminine image to My handmaidens. Especially the ones who feel so far from that; who feel so beyond redemption. I delight in lending My strength on their behalf. I only need emptied and willing hearts.

Daughters, don’t resist painful memories. I am revealing wounds long hidden so that I can heal them with My love. Let Me in to heal.

I am removing everything that blocks your heart to Love. I can be trusted with your heart. Don’t resist Me. I love you. Rest in My love and let Me do what I need to do for you.

I will come upon you, and My power will overshadow you.

I am making pure vessels out of you.”

The Pool of Forgiveness And The Meadow

Papa came toward me with a skip in His step and a merry look in His eyes, “Come and see.”

We were on the edge of the woods and entered a glade that looked like a meadow. It was wide, spacious, with springy grass of such vibrant green like no other grass I’d seen before. Papa led me across the meadow to the edge of the glade, coming upon a little pool surrounded by rock. The waters in the pool looked so… alive.

Papa held my hand and said, “This is the pool of forgiveness. My daughters will spend lots of time here in their preparation for the great war.

Wading into the pool, Papa turned to me as I hesitated on its grassy banks. Reaching out His hands for mine, he pulled me gently into the pool and said, “Don’t be afraid. The water’s not cold. Lean back on Me and float on My arms. The waters in the Pool of Forgiveness are alive with My Life. The water will wash over you and in through you. It will wash you clean of hurt and unforgiveness. It flows through your innermost heart till all you feel is My love and forgiveness toward you and through you.”

As I floated in the water with Papa’s arm supporting my neck, I realized that the water was loosening some vines that had been wrapped tightly around my arms, legs, and torso. The vines had been there for so many years that I’d forgotten they weren’t actually supposed to be there.

Cradling my head, Papa said, “Unresolved hurt leads to unforgiveness, which becomes bitterness that will choke the life out of My children.

Before My daughters become handmaidens, I will invite them to linger here for a period of time. Let My love and forgiveness wash them from hurt and unforgiveness, and receive washing of forgiveness for their sin of unforgiveness and bitterness.

Sometimes, the hurt is too heavy for one of My little ones to enter the pool of forgiveness. When the trauma is great and they are unable to step past the banks, I carry them in. Their pain is not too heavy for Me. I understand and I am their help; they never have to do it alone. I lift them up in My arms and enter the pool with them.

When the pain is too overwhelming, cry out to Me and I will answer. I will come to save, rescue and deliver you. I will surround you with My love. I am your shield, your very great reward. I am your protector, you are safe with Me.”

As we came out of the pool, I saw that many of my wounds had begun to heal. Papa pointed to a thorn still stuck in my leg, “The person’s name still brings a sting to your heart. This sometimes happens when the hurt is deep or their words particularly poisonous.”

He told me to lie down on the lush grass of the meadow beside the pool. The air was fresh and I felt completely comfortable, not cold at all even though I’d just come out of the water. I felt peace descend around me like a blanket, “Rest, be still.”  As His ministering hands gently but firmly pulled out the thorns and poisonous spikes that had pierced me.

I drifted off to deep, healing sleep while He drew out poison from my wound left by the thorns.

God’s Handmaidens: Warriors Who Crush Fear With Love

“… like Sarah… you are her daughters if you do what is right and do not give way to fear.” – 1 Peter 3

The fear and anger in the atmosphere over nations has grown so tangible it’s become like a physical cloud. I feel that there has been an attack especially on women and the feminine expression of God in both men & women. The enemy is afraid of the feminine expression of God because it is the woman, and the feminine, that will defeat the enemy.

Papa is not in a rush, not afraid of what’s happening in the world. He is not caught off-guard. He is perfectly at peace, in control. “Don’t give in to fear. Do not let your heart be troubled. Trust in Me.”

I felt myself being lifted up, past thick clouds of fear, delusion, and false realities that seemed to cover many parts of the world. I knew these clouds were attempting to cover all the earth. We broke easily into the atmosphere above the clouds and I was suddenly able to see & think with great clarity. I saw that the fears which had seemed so real beneath the clouds had only been false realities.

The enemy is a liar who has been creating illusions of false realities to cause fear. I saw that when we refused to be in agreement with those lies, they vanished like smoke. Only when we gave into fear did we come into agreement with those false realities. Our agreement permitted those fears an entry point, and gave them power to become real on earth.

“Remaining in My love dispels the clouds of fears and lies about your reality. Love takes you to where you can see clearly. The cloud of fear has increased over the past year and people are coming into agreement with those lies, thereby creating the very realities they fear. Perfect love casts out fear; you need only be still and remain within Love.

You were created from the midst of Love, within the love and fellowship of the 3 of Us. Remain within Us; perfect love is there.

My handmaidens will be daughters of Sarah. They will be brave and full of hope, not giving way to fear. Their eyes will be fixed on Me and they will see reality as I see it. They live in the wide open spaces of Eden where it is clear, bright, and sunny. They will create a tipping point of congruence with My Eden reality.

Bet it unto us, according to Your word, Lord.


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The Garden Within and The Way of Peace

I sat on a stone bench underneath the shade of a sturdy tree with wide branches, dark green leaves and deep red fruit. I was in a garden protected by high walls, shaded by trees such as the one I sat under. The air was lush, cool, soothing. Paradise was rich peace, stillness, life.

I heard Holy Spirit moving beyond the trees, humming as He tended some part of the enclosed garden. Papa sat on the bench beside me as Jesus stood facing us, smiling. I could feel Holy Spirit listening in our conversation even as He worked beyond my line of sight. We were wonderfully shaded by the fragrant dark green leaves of the trees. I was in the presence of Perfect Love. The love that they had for me and the love that they had for each other. I felt so safe and loved.

Heaven has so many varieties of meadows, mountains and interesting places to explore, it can almost be described as a world filled with many worlds. Papa had shown me other gardens before but this was my first time in a small, enclosed garden with such high walls as the one I now found myself in. With love and laughter in His voice, Papa answered my unspoken wondering as His eyes glittered with affection, “You are in a garden within The Garden. This little, enclosed garden is a private place for only you and Us.”

Papa turned to the trees that were all around us. He appeared to be as connected to them as they were to Him. As He moved through the trees, a gentle wind moved with Him and the trees leaned their trunks and moved their branches in response. From where I followed, it looked like a dance between God, wind, and trees.

Turning to smile at me, He continued, “Eden, or what you call The Garden, is open to all who would believe and it is a vast open world that would take eternity to explore. There are private gardens within Eden. Each one is a secret place I have with each child of Mine, and every garden is unique and specially cultivated for its owner.”

As we wandered through the garden, I observed the trees here were different from the other fruit trees He had shown me before in another part of the Garden Eden. I wondered to myself why I had been brought here. Papa chuckled and said, “Come and see.”

A short walk from the stone bench, we came in sight of a river that ran through the garden and out of it. I can’t explain why, but the sight of that river caused such delight to bubble up within me. Its waters were so clear and refreshing, so alive it almost seemed like they danced and skipped over stones on the river bed, waving as they passed by us. The waters seemed to echo back Papa’s laugh as He said, “My River of Life and Delight flows from Me to you and all creation. My River waters everything. Life is sustained through it. Even in places where you can’t see evidence of this River, where it may be underground or blocked, always remember that My river is there because it flows through everything that lives!”

The River Of Life And Delight

While peace and joy remained wrapped around us, Papa’s face grew solemn. With compassion and understanding in His voice He said, “Drink from My River. Do nothing in survival mode. It is time to dream again, but many of My children have become discouraged because the enemy is rabidly determined to take them off their path. The enemy’s onslaught has been a strategic one because it targets what My children instinctively know deep in their hearts – the destiny I have created them for.

I have created them for their inheritance, but the enemy has sought to take them off My path by tempting them to make things happen on their own. Just as the enemy tried to tempt Jesus in the desert to make happen on His own what I had already made His, so too many of My children face that same temptation to take matters into their own hands by the same vicious enemy in this season. Many of them are feeling restless, frustrated, and discouraged. But I am calling them out of survival mode and into Life.

Just as Jesus entered and left the wilderness full of My Holy Spirit, so also My children need to remain filled with Holy Spirit. There is a River in the desert. Its waters never run dry and they must learn to drink continually from My River of Life and Delight. I am bringing them to where they will come out of the wilderness leaning on Me.

Wait. All you need to do is wait for Holy Spirit. Wait and trust for your dreams to be fulfilled in My time. Am I more important to you than the dreams I have given? Release the dreams that are from Me, to Me. Delight in Me. Tell My children to drink from My river; bathe in it and lay down in the soft grass beside it.

Rest in My peace. Those who drink from My River will not be thirsty and they will find deepest fulfillment. Then what they do will flow from their heart, not for their heart.”

Papa continued, “In My reality is Life and freedom. No more survival mode for My children because things that are built from that place will not thrive in this era of Eden. My Eden reality is about participating in that which My River of Life and Delight initiates. You need only participate. My River makes it grow.

This release is an important part of the Dream process. The dream has to die before it can bear much fruit. Apart from Me, you can do nothing. In Me, everything comes to life. Surrender is the way to Life. In quietness and trust is your salvation.

Children, let Life breathe into your dreams. Only a dream that has been laid down can lead to My glory, life to others, and intimacy with Me. A dream manufactured by human hands corrupts and leads to strife, pride, greed, and death. As in the times of Noah, it is not yet time to leave the ark, but it is time to dream. Dream of the new frontier, then release those dreams to Me. Wait and trust that I make all things beautiful in My time.

The season of intense sifting has been to bring My children into Eden’s reality of rest and peace. My rest is not doing nothing. It is active participating in what I initiate. Let Me set the course. Trust in Me with all your heart; don’t lean on your own understanding. Pursue peace and remain in it. Don’t seek to fill your needs by yourself or others – that path only leads to futility, frustration and emptiness. Eat and drink from Me – it leads to life. My path is Life and fulfillment and grace.”

My heart was pierced as Papa shared His heart. How many times had I loved His gifts & destiny for me more than I loved Him? How often did I value experiences with Him more than I valued Him? I was so sorry for using Him in my survival mode more times than I probably realized. I was heartbroken as this scripture came to mind, “”My people have committed two sins: They have forsaken me, the Spring of Living Water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water.” (Jeremiah 2:13).

Papa put His arms around me as a subtle fragrance filled the cool garden air. I could feel His welcoming love and perfect forgiveness even before I apologized, but I was thankful that He waited for my words. Giving us space to apologize is one of God’s tender mercies. In making room for us to take ownership of our mistakes, He bestows back on us the dignity that sin has stolen. Asking for, and receiving, forgiveness gives us the experience of His River of Forgiveness flowing from Him to & through us. It is a cleansing, liberating, beautiful thing.

The fragrance of Myrrh increased till it hung heavy in the air. Papa enveloped me in a hug as we sat a few minutes with both hearts laid bare.

Follow The Way Of Peace

Papa began to speak, and I felt the words coming from deep within His heart, “I am establishing a Covenant of Peace and all are invited to it. Follow the way of Peace. I am making a people who are at rest; a people of Peace. Those who enter into My Covenant of Peace enter into Shalom, wholeness in every part of life.

This is why I have allowed situations to reveal areas of strife, unforgiveness, even bitterness, in My children’s hearts. I am challenging internal structures that have governed your way of living, Babylon which is led by fear, anger, self-preservation. Unforgiveness ties you to earth, unable to enter the rarified atmosphere of heaven. Forgiveness frees you, releases you into Eden.

Babylon taught you to fight for your space and defend your own rights. Babylon thrives on the lie that only the strong survive and you are on your own. But I am declaring, “No more survival mode. Come out of Babylon and let Me take Babylon out of you.” Come out of that tiny prison cell; step into the great wide world that is Eden, My reality. I want to show you that there is an abundance of space & safety for all.

Follow the way of Peace; do nothing where My Peace does not rest. Peace is never far from you. My peace never leaves, but sometimes you may walk away from it. You just need to feel around for it and you will find it; it is never far.

I am raising up a new breed of people who are led by Peace. This posture of rest, peace, and being in Me, is the only way they will be able to handle the influx of heavenly activity & blueprints I am releasing on earth. Apart from Me, you will explode from the sheer magnitude of creativity & innovation I am releasing. It is as I said through My prophet Isaiah, ‘You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the fields will clap their hands.’ Creation follows those that are led by Peace.”

The Garden Within

In the days that followed, He began to show me the Way of Peace. He taught my heart how to “feel around” for the presence of peace and then follow it just as I had followed Him among the trees in our little garden. When responsibilities & to-do lists pulled me into survival mode, He reminded me to wait and let Him quiet me with His love. He guided me to do, say, and go only where Peace was. Life flourished in that Way of Peace. It was like being able to breathe again after years of holding my breath.

Then one day Papa asked me, “Do you know why I have taken you to visit our smaller private garden within The Garden Eden?”

He knew that I didn’t know, for He knows me more truly than I know myself. So I said, “Why?” because He enjoys the dance of back-and-forth conversation although He already knows all my thoughts.

His next gentle words entered my heart like a flash of light, “Thus far, you have experienced Eden around you. You have come up to heaven and explored Eden on earth as it is in heaven. And yet you do not believe that Eden is within you. It is easy for you to see heaven around you, but you have not seen heaven within you. All these years you have lived believing there is such darkness, brokenness and ugliness within you, and it has broken My heart because in rejecting your innermost being, you have rejected Me.

I took you to the little garden because that little garden is your heart. My River of Life and Delight flows in you. My Holy Spirit tends to the beautiful fruit that grows in you. My child, Eden is not just around you; it is first within you. Eden – Life – flourishes and expands within you. Your soul and body is filled with My Life, Light, Presence, and fruitfulness. You are good. You are very good. I take great delight in you.

Papa is preparing a people so at Peace, so at rest in Him. Eden is about being. Eden is both an external and internal reality because His River of Life and Delight runs through all of life. Eden grows within us and expands in & around us.

Holy Spirit our beloved helper and gardener works in our hearts to that end. He rips out decaying foundations of Babylon (strife, survival, rejection) and pours in His unbreakable foundation of Eden – Peace, Life, and the Love & Delight of God.

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Perceiving Eden Amidst Shifting Landscapes

Snippets from my journal, early 2020.


I sat with Papa, His presence rich, warm, enveloping. All was calm and peaceful, the kind of quiet that vibrates with life & song. The air, like a weighted blanket, wrapped around me in a protective bubble.

As we sat in that peace, Papa said, “Landscapes are going to shift all over the world, and they will keep on shifting over the next few years. Do not be shaken by what you see & hear. In the shifting landscapes, I AM the only constant.” This was said with gravity and my spirit felt the desire in His heart for me to perceive the weight of what He was saying. As I absorbed His words, I saw before me a projector slideshow of snapshots that kept changing and changing and changing around the world. Huge change was coming, and more change after that. Although the words were grave, Papa’s tone and body posture was full of peace and assurance. I understood that He was telling me this to prepare and assure me in advance that no matter what happened next, He was in control of even the shifting & shaking that was to come on a global scale.

In the companionable silence that followed, I pondered the repercussions of these shifting landcapes. As Papa gazed at the nations, His feet were firmly planted and His arms ready for war. His face was serene, He exuded peace. He was ready for action but was not in a rush. He was not anxious or worried. It was as if Time measured itself to Him and everything that was to come was 100 percent in keeping with His pace.

He smiled at me and said, “Keep your heart at peace, full of awe and wonder like a child. Always look at Me and you will see as I see. Keep your focus on Me, not what’s happening around. Keep My perspective. I will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are stayed on Me because they trust in Me (Isaiah 26:3). Those who keep their minds on Me will not be shaken. They will adapt & thrive in the shifts and shakings as they follow & flow with Me.

Do not be shaken by the news & what you see happening all around. Be rooted in Me, not the world. Those whose inner lives are rooted in Me will be marked by Steadfastness and Flexibility. They will not be moved by circumstances. They will be quick to move as I lead. Come up higher. Remain in the rarified air of heaven and you will see what I see. The pure atmosphere up here will slowly transform your eyes and make them glow, illuminated with the Light from within. The air of heaven will remake your eyes to see far and wide, to pierce through and see deeply, and to see in the darkness as if it were day.”

The months that followed were magical and wrapped in joy even as the world started to hum with one crisis after another. It was like there was a tear in fabric of the sky and I could see through it into the galaxy. It was beautiful.

One day as Papa and I sat together, He smiled and said, “Come and see.”

God Is Building Eden

In an instant, He lifted me up, up, up above the ground and we hovered there in the space between earth and clouds. Beneath me, I saw a circular enclosed city with tall towers very shiny and dark. The city looked strong and menacing, but as my spirit lifted higher and higher from the ground, I saw the panoramic view and it made the city look very, very small indeed. Outside of the city gates was the vast beautiful world of rolling hills, green grass, sparkling rivers, and flowers of so many colors & variety. From my bird’s eye view, the city was the size of a mere school compound compared to the whole world outside.

Papa began to explain, “The city is called The Way Of Living, or you may know it by its other name – Babylon. It is the way of living that people believe is the norm. It includes the systems you see in politics, the economy, families & society, the church, and even the internal structures within individuals that guide their perspectives, thoughts and motives. These systems are kind to the strong and cruel to the weak. This reality is one where man tries to do what man believes is best, and it’s never enough. Those who live in The Way Of Living, or Babylon, are governed by these internal and external systems. Many don’t even realize they’re being governed – this much has it already become the way of living for them.

What many think is their whole world or whole reality, is so small compared to the reality that I created them for – My reality.

The world you see outside is Eden. It is My reality, the truest reality, which readily welcomes anyone who is willing to leave the safety of the familiar in Babylon. Eden is vast and magnificent. Eden teems with new life, peace, and complete security. It’s the whole world where Babylon is a mere city. Eden is led by Me, and it is a leadership of love. Those who live in the reality of Eden know that there is a wide spacious place for them to run free. There is no need to jostle because everyone has more than enough. They are covered by Me and I am their safe place. Here is abundance, creativity, life and every good thing to satisfy.

How I long for My children to come out of their Way Of Living and enter into My reality.  This is what they were made for. My reality is a whole wide world outside that tiny city Babylon. I have established Eden, and I am building Eden in an ever-unfolding process.”

We’ve entered into a new age. God is building Eden reality which is very different from Babylon’s systems. He beckons us to come out and run free. Drink from the River and taste that its waters are so very good. But we cannot enter into the new using old ways. If we did, we would just end up building a new Babylon.

The new looks nothing like the old, and to perceive it we need the cages of old mindsets to be shattered. This is the reason for the shakings and shifting landscapes. God is revealing, shattering, systems that do not work to help us see that we have been drinking from “broken cisterns that hold no water” (Jeremiah 2:13). He is awakening us to see there’s a whole world outside our windows, and Babylon is collapsing. He is challenging our “normal lives” to remove anything that may prevent us from perceiving the new.

Our only participation? Willingness. Saying “Yes” to His process of revealing the broken structures we’ve been living in or have been living in us.

Perceiving HIm

The world has need of a Saviour. Will we perceive Him?

When Jesus came to earth, the Jews could not perceive Him because He looked nothing like what they thought Messiah would look like. They’d lived under foreign rulership for centuries, and their idea of Messiah had been developed within that framework. They were looking for a King who would be a strong military leader, a fighter. They could not comprehend Jesus when He came as a son. Jesus presented to them a new way of relating to God. They could not perceive Him even as He lived and walked amongst them because it was outside of their Way Of Living.

In Noah’s day, the people of earth could not perceive the ark even while it was being built before their very eyes. Until that time, the earth had been watered from the ground up. They could not see beyond that way of living, and could not perceive a coming flood by rain. The ark was an object of ridicule because they could not perceive its purpose outside of their Way Of Living.

When Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, the Jews could not perceive what God was writing because it was outside their framework of Egypt. They wanted political, physical deliverance; God wanted total deliverance for them to be truly free of Egypt spirit, soul, and body. God wanted the Promised Land for them but they had lived in slavery for so long that they said to Moses, “We reject God’s invitation to go up the mountain to meet Him. Moses, you go. You have a relationship with God, then just come back and tell us what He wants us to do.” Thus revealing that they still thought & lived as slaves (“Tell us what to do”) instead of children of God (Relationship). They could not perceive the kind of freedom God wanted for them because it was outside of their Way Of Living.

I felt such a strong desire in Papa’s heart for all people to perceive what He is doing, so that no one will miss out.

He said, “We have moved into yet another new shift, and this one will be a marker in history as in the time of Jesus, Noah, and Moses. I am doing new things in new ways, and many of them will take you by surprise. They may even offend you. Will you trust Me and keep your heart open to perceive? Be still before Me, allow Me to reveal & remove old frameworks governing your life that will prevent you from perceiving. I am going to fulfill prophecies about this year and decade, but will My creation receive it if it looks very different from how they imagined?

I am doing new things in brand new ways that may offend the old ways. Just like the days of Jesus, Noah, and Moses, we have entered a time of disruption that will continue over the next few years, making way for a new age of innovation and a new way of life – the most ancient one of all, Eden!”

There was joy and shouting, a happy anticipation in the heavenlies. Angelic activity began to increase on earth. I saw many of His messenger angels traveling from heaven to earth carrying scrolls. These scrolls contained architectural blueprints from heaven itself, and were being delivered to individuals who would steward and release them on earth through divine creativity. There were blueprints for finance, commerce, nations, how to live life well, parenting, and so many more.

Seeing As He Sees

Papa said, “My weapons of warfare are different from that of the enemy’s. Tell My children not to fight like them. Don’t go down and fight at their level; you were made for higher things. Come up higher. See with My wisdom of the seven spirits which rest on Jesus (Isaiah 11; Rev 3, 4, 5).

The seven spirits can only be found before My throne, and that is where I long for My creation to remain. Only here will they see – perceive – as I do. Eden is unfurling, can you perceive it? Light grows brighter even as darkness gets darker, and those who would step into My reality will continue to live in the land of the living even while landscapes shift all around them.”

The Golden Eagle

An excerpt by Anna Rountree:

As I viewed the surrounding mountain range, a string of very large paper dolls floated by.

The great Eagle spoke, “So much of what is happening now in the body of Christ is like paper dolls — one copying the other.”

The paper dolls disappeared, and an eagle of pure gold flew by. “I am looking for an eagle of gold, Anna — rare beyond measure.” As He spoke, power like a surge of electricity ran all over the eagle of gold. It became pure white, like the great white Eagle. “The golden eagle becomes like Me,” He said.

Then a line of large, paper, cut-out eagles floated across the mountain range. They were hooked together as the floating paper dolls had been.

He continued, “There are many eagles, for I am generous with the gift of the Holy Spirit. But, Anna, I am giving you an invitation to become an eagle of gold.”

“You must fly the mountains and valleys of heaven, though, and you must eat from My hand. Do not seek that which the eagles below seek. They seek fresh meat [fresh revelation], but their game is earthbound, and so is their revelation – times, seasons, natural signs and consequences of sin. I have given them to see into these things, but all of it concerns revelation for the outer court. Most eagles labor there. But there are few golden eagles who fly in the holy place. They minister to Me more intimately. They fly among the branches of the golden lamp stand. They, like David, are in communion with My Son, eating the showbread. Their revelation is used to assist those who minister at the golden altar of incense. Fewer minister in the holy place.”

Suddenly I saw a rocket blast off from the earth and shoot into heaven. The great Eagle continued, “The golden eagle’s nest is in heaven. The golden eagle does not even eat earthly food. It feeds above. The paper doll eagles catch fish, kill snakes, chase rabbits; but the eagle of gold breathes the ether above. It does not seek after or eat carrion. The golden eagle eats from the hand of God until it looks and smells and is like Me – pure white. There are many that look like Me, but you must eat from the hand of God to be like Me.”

His eyes were aflame now. “Will you fly with Me, Anna, over streets of gold? Will you fly with Me over lakes so clear that the bottom is as the top? Leave the snakes, the bugs, the rabbits running rabbit trails. Come with Me and feed from the hand of God.”

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Idream of Eden. We were made for the Garden and the full pleasure of paradise. We got separated at Eden and we spend our whole lives searching for a way back into that secret paradise. All of life's pursuit + pain + questioning can be traced back to man's search for home. Our deepest instincts tell us that we are not home outside of this reality, and our souls will never stop searching until we return. Only there will we find rest and our true being. There, we begin to dream again the dreams that have laid asleep in our hearts all along.

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