Christian Singles’ Jingle Mingle

Make friends & get to know other Christian singles in Singapore.

Community-led hangouts provide opportunity to make friends + maybe even find a kindred spirit over good food (potluck, meal hangouts), conversation (witty banter encouraged), and activities (nature walks, board game / movie nights, etc).

This is a community-driven group and how well it works depends on the proactivity of each member. How much you get out of this experience is up to you. We highly encourage everyone to actively engage with others and initiate activities/hangouts.

Interaction takes place in our Jingle Mingle WhatsApp group where you are free to connect, make friends, and organise group activities. We know that sometimes connection takes time and more diverse activities are needed for you to get to know someone.

Please fill out the form below to join the group. Note that it is encouraged for each female participant to bring at least one guy to the mixer.

There is a shortage of men in many Christian circles (average ratio of men:women is 1:6!). Most of the women who will be attending this mixer are godly women who serve God in various capacities, but just don’t have the opportunity to meet Christian men outside of their own circles.

You bringing someone of the opposite gender will help your fellow sisters meet more members of the opposite gender. Someone you see as “just a brother” may become someone else’s soulmate! The male friend(s) you bring do not have to be the same age as you. We have ladies ranging from 25 – 45 years of age. We recommend inviting the Christian single men you know, regardless of age. You can get them to sign up at this page.




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Idream of Eden. We were made for the Garden and the full pleasure of paradise. We got separated at Eden and we spend our whole lives searching for a way back into that secret paradise. All of life's pursuit + pain + questioning can be traced back to man's search for home. Our deepest instincts tell us that we are not home outside of this reality, and our souls will never stop searching until we return. Only there will we find rest and our true being. There, we begin to dream again the dreams that have laid asleep in our hearts all along.

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