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Samantha dreams of Eden. She is the co-founder of Antioch Hub with her husband Alex. The various arms under the Antioch Hub include a one-year equipping Academy, international alliances,  and organic communities with both local and global community platforms. Together with her husband Alex, they love the nations and work to empower others to make this world a better place, one city at a time. Samantha is a prophetic voice and her heart is to to see people walking fully in their unique purpose in God. She has released the call for intercessors in the Media to arise and decree godly voices to arise. She also leads the Dream Room, a global platform that inspires people to tap into heaven’s blueprints to create earthly solutions with God in all spheres of society. She and her husband Alex believe passionately in the 7 mountains mandate & mentoring God’s generation of prophetic youth army. Her heart is to to see the broken restored, and she has written Journey To Wholeness, a 40-day prophetic book designed to help women on the path to wholeness in Christ. Samantha is also founder & curator of fashion brand Pusaka Collections.

Alexander & Samantha Wiraatmaja are both ordained as Reverends (2018), and ministers of God’s work under DAVT presided by Rev. Dr. Michael B. Wieteska, Bishop of Ultima Vocatio Ministries International.

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Here’s a little beat of my heart

Whenever I am asked the question “What is your greatest passion?”, my reply is undoubtedly “Romance”.

Romance has been my greatest inspiration, motivation, and dream in life.

All my life, I have dreamed of a great love. The kind written about in sonnets and books, that echo through the ages to inspire many others. This great love found me — God, Jesus, Holy Spirit — and my life was turned upside-down, inside-out. Everything lost its fascination for me apart from the presence of Him, the One who had captivated my soul. I have been passionate about the Romance of the gospel ever since.

I have a dream to see Romance restored between human beings.  I yearn to see human beings return to the standard we were originally designed for. That there would be LOVE, HONOR, and ETERNITY manifest – these were instituted by the Great Lover from the beginning, and I desperately yearn for the day when all human relationships would reflect the glory that it was meant to.  No more broken relationships, strife, jealousy, fear, disloyalty, abuse.  No more just “Ok” marriages, families, friendships – I want to see GREAT ones.

I have a dream to see Romance restored between God & men.  To see this generation captivated by the Romance of God’s design for us.  It is romance that drew me to God, and it is romance that keeps me close to His heart.  Jesus is a Lover, the Bridegroom who jealously and earnestly longs for His Bride – us!  I cannot imagine life without the love, presence, and pursuit of God, and I am passionate about sharing this beautiful message both within and outside of the Church.

There is so much glory planted within every person, and I am passionate for each one to grow into the fullness of their glory, and to embrace who they’ve been created to be. I am passionate for each person to find their place in the Great Story that is even now being told.

This website explores what godly womanhood looks like practically and spiritually. My hope is that we would rediscover the romance of godly femininity, and have a ton of fun in the process!

“The preoccupations of young men & women – their popularity, looks, achievements – do not change much from generation to generation. But in each generation, there are a few who make other choices.” I want to be one of the few.

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