The Prayer Series – Carrying the Burden and Heart of God

Have you ever felt a sudden, inexplicable sense of heaviness in your heart as you went about your day? Have you ever felt the emotions of another person so deeply that it could’ve been your own? Or perhaps felt so strongly about a certain issue that you felt your heart would burst?

If the answer to any of the above is yes (and you are not suffering from depression or bi-polar disorder), then it is highly likely that God has placed the burdens of His heart in yours. He is probably calling you to the ministry of intercession – carrying the burden and heart of God.

I know that the term “intercession” has been thrown around A LOT ever since the prophetic movement began. I have met many, many people who claim the title of Intercessor. What’s worse, they use it as some sort of leverage in climbing the (perceived) Church social ladder. Don’t even get me started on how wrong it all is on so many fronts.

Let me just clarify that I am not talking about some high and lofty ministry that only the elite or spiritually astute are allowed into.

Do I believe that there are some people called specifically to deep intercession? Yes I do. But I firmly believe that that kind of intercession is a call from God – not to be taken lightly nor frivolously. And especially NOT to be used for personal gain or glory.

But the kind of intercession I am writing about today is the kind that all children of God are called to. We are all called to be carriers of the burdens of God, and to be brought into the innermost sanctums of His heart. He wants closeness, oneness, with us. He desires to share the deepest secrets of His heart to those who would be willing.

What does carrying the heart of God look like?

When the burden of God is placed within you, it is inevitable that you experience times of immense sadness or feel deeply troubled in your heart for someone/a situation.  It could even bring anger into the mix. The good kind of anger. Like the time Jesus, being SO consumed with zeal for the house of God, cleansed the temple by overturning tables and whipping stuff (Matthew 21).

Sometimes, that burden comes for no explicable reason – it could happen when you’re on the train, watching the news, or talking to someone.  Often, it causes your heart to stir so strongly on the inside that you are more preoccupied with the stirring than your surroundings.  I use the word “stirring” instead of “prayer” because it more accurately describes what takes place within a person who is carrying the heartbeat of God – it is like a strong energy that moves in the heart that often does not have words.

In times like these, you often do not have to pray specific words.

It might feel like your heart is pushing and moving like a wrestler, or like a volcano that is about to erupt.  There could be times that you need to physically let out the stirring in your heart through crying, groaning, praying in tongues or worship. Or you might experience a strong movement in the pit of your stomach – just like John the Baptist leaping in his mother’s womb (Luke 1:41).  Likewise, there will be times that your spirit man is moved in that way.

This kind of intercession takes place deep within a person as the Holy Spirit intercedes through us (Romans 8:26). And it is extremely powerful because, well, when God is crying out to God, how can God not answer?

What are some ways we carry the heart of God?

There are some night seasons that deep movements are going on in my spirit whilst I sleep – this might include tears or warfare.  In the morning, I usually wake up with a word, verse, or song on my lips.

There are times that my inner man is deeply moved and stirred on a particular subject, and once that burden is lifted, I see the situation changed almost immediately.  An example of this happened when I was at a gathering of intercessors from all across the nation. Through the day my one thought was, “I wish so-and-so (a particular church leader whom I don’t even know personally) was here – he really needs to be part of this!”  My heart stirred so strongly, and the one cry that I had the entire day was, “He must be part of this!”

Finally, at the last hour of the meeting, this person arrived – he was completely disheveled and drenched by the rain, but he showed up. And some significant things happened at the meeting when he did. God is always on the lookout for people in whom He can place the desires of His heart, and who would cry out to Him to let His will be done here on earth as it is in heaven. Powerful things happen then.

Part of the journey is also learning how to recognize the burdens of God’s heart and distinguish that from our own emotions. I believe that is why surrender and consecration is so important in the life of every believer – the more I decrease, the more God increases. I want to be one to whom He can entrust the secrets of His heart.

How can I be a carrier of God’s heart?

Ask Him! It really is all that simple (:  I know that there are probably plenty of lists of Dos and Don’ts out there on the WWW (and I do not disagree with them), but I just want to say that all God is looking for is a willing heart. You just say “Yes” to Him, precious ones, and let Him take it from there. Trust me, dear Holy Spirit will swoop in and become the greatest teacher you will ever need to walk with Him.

John Masefield said, “God warms his hands at man’s heart when he prays.” How beautiful, how awesome, how mind-blowing that we can bring pleasure to God’s heart.

God longs for more of His children to come deeper into His heart. We each have been given access. The question now is, will we say “Yes”?

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