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Go through our articles from the past couple months and you know that July is a significant month in God’s calendar.

The Lord has been saying over and over again that many of His faithful children will be taken to a new level in July. He has also been warning us that the enemy will push hard against us because we’re about to move to the next level, and He’s given us strategies to overcome the enemy’s attacks (scroll through May + June articles).

True to His word, on July 2nd, I had a pivotal, life-defining encounter with Him.

One of the things He said to me was this:  Prayer and intimacy is where all the ministry MUST be birthed. Not plans, programs, but in following the leading of My Holy Spirit in ALL things. A new level of prophetic insight + foresight. A new level of accuracy + authority. You will be taken into the Throne Room, and you must throw out old models + mindsets of what “women’s ministry” looks like or “how things were done before” or “what is expected”, but led by Holy Spirit, according to THRONE ROOM revelation. I am calling you higher into new levels of revelation, into the Throne Room of heaven, and you must let go of what you “knew before” and old ways of doing things because they won’t work with the new things I’m doing. I am leading you to do MY ministry in a new, cutting-edge way. New wineskin for new wine.

So I wanted to take some time and update you on some of the new things that are happening around here.

If you’ve known us long enough, you know that we don’t function like how most women’s ministries are expected to be. We don’t have a set of standard conferences or publications, and we don’t launch a new collection once every quarter like clockwork. We do things as the Lord shows us to. We want everything we do to be birthed out of prayer and intimacy, to be Spirit-breathed because we believe lives can only be impacted deeply when His Spirit is present. (At the same time, we don’t think that ministries that do have a standard set of programs are wrong. We’re all just called to serve Him differently!) We believe God is our CEO and we seek to be led by His Spirit, to be presence driven instead of program driven.

CreateCollective: Starting from July, we will open the doors of our monthly worship nights half-an-hour earlier. In this pre-worship time, we will have ministry teams ready to minister to you through prophecy, prophetic song, prophetic dance, prophetic art, and any other way that Holy Spirit leads. This will be the time to come if you need healing, deliverance, or a word of direction from the Lord. We will also be starting monthly community nights this month, because we believe that building relationship is just as important an aspect of worship.

**More details + sign up for the CreateCollective community under the “Get Involved” menu at the top – open to men and women across the globe.

Prophetic Equipping: It started as a Bible Study group, but as our classes evolved we found the Lord leading us away from following a set of study materials and toward following His Spirit’s agenda for each session. As such, we will no longer be doing this in batches (previously was limited to 10 people per batch, one batch per year) because we don’t see a definitive “completion” date for the classes. Rather, each session builds on the foundation of the previous one and there’s no limit to how far we can go. Therefore, we are now opening these sessions for all who are interested to grow in the prophetic together with a community of believers across denominations.

**More details + sign up for Prophetic Equipping under the “Get Involved” menu at the top – open to Singapore residents only.

Godly Womanhood Sisterhood: The Lord spoke to us about our community of volunteers being like Gideon’s 300 men – we start small, dig deep, and build strong – so we screen through all applications and only receive those who are committed to run together. We believe it is friendship that sustains the ministry, and we’re not interested just in what you can do, but also who you are and how we can run together with you. We’re a sisterhood of women who seek to run in the fullness of our calling, each having the space to use our spiritual gifts, and serving other women by calling them to the fullness of their calling.  To run together as a sisterhood of lionesses – together, unique, but as one.

**More details + sign up for our Volunteer community under the “Get Involved” menu at the top – open to Singapore residents only.

Finances: The Godly Womanhood Shop supports all our ministry work in Singapore, and around the globe. Out of that, we also give 20% to bless other ministries. None of our volunteers (myself included, as the ministry’s first full-time volunteer) take a single cent from the profit, and it all goes to sustain + grow the ministry work.

**You can support the ministry by shopping at the store, or by making a donation to help us reach more women.

And that’s it for now! We wanted to keep you updated as the Lord leads us to grow + evolve, and we’d love for you to get in touch if anything of what we shared resonates with you.

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