A Word In Season: He’ll Be Coming Down The Mountain

The day of the Lord is approaching. He will return to earth cloaked in dark clouds and lightning. Are you ready for Him?

He’ll be coming down the mountain when He comes. Will you welcome Him?

Every mountain and hill – every exalted thing that is raised up against Jesus – will be made low. Vanquished. Overcome. Extinguished.

Every valley – the lowly, oppressed, forgotten – will be raised up.

Do you know what this means? Everything built by man will crumble to the ground. Become ashes and dust. Nothingness.

His Word is a double-edged sword – We will see both His judgement and His glory (His goodness) poured out at once. It will be a day of great rejoicing and terrible mourning. He will raise up the things built on humility, brokenness, and total dependency on Him, and He will lay to waste all that is built by human wisdom, human agenda, and pride.

People get ready, Jesus is coming. Honor Him as Lord in every area of your life. Align yourself to His agenda and cast down your man-made crowns. Build your life on solid rock so that when the day of testing & shaking comes, you will be able to stand. It is better to have a shack on the rock than to have castles of sand.

He came to earth 2,000 years ago as Mary’s little lamb. He is returning as a mighty lion.

He came as a servant. He is returning as a King.

He came as a scapegoat. He is returning as a Judge.

He came to turn ashes into beauty. He is returning to shatter beauty to ashes.

People get ready.

Verse references:
  • Job 37:15-16
  • Psalms 97:2
  • Isaiah 40:3-5
  • Hebrew 12
  • Haggai 2
  • Psalm 45:3
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