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The Blessings of the Upright prayer movement has moved to Malaysia!

With the skies clearing dramatically a couple of days into the Pray for Rain – Singapore movement, we started getting requests to pray for Malaysia because the situation was getting really hazy over there.  So we began to call for the Christians in Malaysia to unite together to seek God.

I was a little hesitant to start this one because we had just started the first a few days ago ~ would we be getting ourselves into more than we could handle? Plus I didn’t know that many Malaysians, how would I be able to rally them?

By God’s providence, 3 Malaysians stepped up to the plate to coordinate this prayer movement in Malaysia.  One of them is a design/media professional currently working in Singapore, one of them is the Pastor of Seremban Wesley Methodist Church, and the other is a Priest of the Anglican Diocese of Sabah.

Praise God, I am so amazed at how quickly they started rallying others! It is such a beautiful thing to see Christians from across denominations come together for a common cause.  We are praying for UNITY amongst the Churches in Malaysia. I believe the day will come that they will stand as ONE to reflect the glory of God to their nation.

Click here to read the prayers and testimonies of our prayer partners.



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