The Proverbs 31:25 Woman – Interview #2

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Interviewee: Bianca Iuliano


I met Bianca when we were both serving in a healing & deliverance centre in England.  She is one of the most beautiful young woman that I know, inside and out.  There is such poise, and a gentle and quiet spirit in this tenacious young lady! I pray that you would receive an impartation of her strength and gentle spirit as you read on.

1. What are some of your favorite things? (:

Massive Chocoholic! I’m a sucker for Lindt.  My favourite flowers are Peonies, only available in Australia for one month of the year, which makes them more special to me because I had them for my wedding bouquet and they remind me of pink marshmallows!

Lace, because it’s so soft, pretty and feminine yet it holds so much detail.  I love exploring; discovering secret places that not everyone gets to see in everyday life.

2. Tell me a little bit about where you are/what you are doing now, and the journey that got you here.

I have been married for one year now to my best friend. I am working a full time job as a Financial Adviser in a Bank. I was studying fashion design at college but my college went bankrupt so I started working full time and soon after got engaged. I never imagined myself working in a bank, however it is so incredible how strategic God’s moves are.

3. How/when did your heart get captivated by God?

I have grown up with Godly parents who gave me an amazing structure on which to form my foundations from an early age, My heart was captivated by Abba in a deeper way when I was in Primary School – I went to a Prayer and Worship conference led by other children who were so on fire for God that there was a strong move of the Holy Spirit and we carried on through the night when all the adults went to bed.

4. Let’s talk a little about fears and insecurities – are there any that you can share about, and how did you overcome them.
Fears; they can bind us if we let them. Sometimes they silence us. But to overcome them sometimes we need to declare their place in our lives, other times we need to proactively fight the battle until it is won. This can be a daily thing depending on what it is.

When I returned from my honeymoon I found a lump in my chest. I went to the doctors, and after ultrasounds and biopsies I had still no answer if I was facing breast cancer or not. In the end, the doctors said to have an operation to get it out. After the operation there were complications, I had a major haematoma and because of the clotting there was no way to ensure they had removed the lump. I had to wait 7 months of not knowing until it was healed enough for them to do more tests. Through the support of my husband and our incredible God I was able to overcome the fear of breast cancer and now I have been given the all clear! Praise God.

5. How do you keep your heart at peace and contented in the midst of trials and insecurities?

I just have to remember the simple yet difficult to understand truths during the hardships.

God is the same, yesterday, today and forever. Our world and situations might crumble around us, our friends and family may be lost, killed or tortured… our bodies may be filled with diseases! But this is not the plan or will of the Lord. He can use these things to bring his truth to light, to perform miracles… and sometimes he doesn’t intervene. But that’s not because he loves us any less.

I think about Jesus. He didn’t want to be tortured or to die on the cross, and He asked the Father to take the cup from Him because He wasn’t sure He could bear it. But He knew that God was in control and that it would be used for His glory and greater picture. We don’t always choose the road we are walking down, but the devil works in many ways to try and bring us down even further. And to keep us there.

It’s our battle to stand up for what is true, our minds are the greatest battlefield.

“It is well with my soul” proclaiming to our soul when we don’t feel it is well, standing on God’s promises, learning to trust Him. This is a daily walk. In times of difficulty, remembering His goodness, all the joys of your testimony so far and what you have walked through or been blessed with. Don’t forget these things.

I also think of Job. How he still praised God when he lost EVERYTHING!!

Join together in prayer with a sister or brother, to support each other in the walk. It’s not a walk made for one, and we are stronger together.

And I be real. Not only to tell my situation it’s reality, but to express my emotions and to be honest with God. I use a diary when I need to express my prayer that way. It’s also a good way to reflect on what you have prayed for and what has been answered.

Peace? That comes from the spirit. Not as the world gives, but as God gives.  That is the peace that lets you sleep at night. That assures you that tomorrow is taken care of because He has gone before you.

It is something you need to ask for sometimes, something that is found when you pour your heart out. God is real. Be real with Him 😉

6. I can see that you are now a very happily married woman! Please share a little of your journey.

Marriage is an amazingly beautiful gift. I wake up every day and I am so thankful for the man that I have married.

It is more than I expected it to be. A place of safety and security. I am blessed. Blessed because I know that he loves me and has stood by me through the unexpected and challenging times, and has said that he would still have chosen to be with me even if he knew the difficult things we would have to walk through. Blessed because I have someone to share life and the joys it brings.

7. Can you share your personal views on womanhood – our design, destiny, and divine place in the kingdom.

I feel that I am called to help unveil the beauty of a woman through fashion. To create garments that allow a lady to keep her secrets, yet to display not only her outward beauty but her individuality. But this is only a part of what separates us from men.

Womanhood, it is an incredible honor. We are the vessels that God chose to bring life into this world. Life not only in the sense of motherhood, but in design – we bring life to our homes with our personal decorating touches, life to others through our support, comfort and gentleness.

A liberated woman, one who is free to be herself and to leave expectations behind. She is one who has impact. Because when we are confident in ourselves and who we were created to be, it is then that we can boldly walk in our destiny.

We are mothers, sisters and daughters. No book, professor or person can fully explain a woman because there is so much depth to womanhood and all that it entails. Finding our destiny relies deeply upon knowing the Spirit, to follow His leading.

Know your own heart, your desires, and how they align to the will of God. Peace is so important. If you don’t have the peace about a decision, don’t go there! God’s desire is to use us to our full potential and at the right timing He always releases us into this if we are ready and willing.

Sometimes we don’t always understand the journey we are on, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies, but there is also power in an unwanted testimony. A tenacious woman will use the difficult times for glory.

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