Alex and I have recently had the amazing privilege to worship + pray + fellowship + share what God has been speaking with key leaders and intercessors across the 7 mountains in Singapore. There has been an increasing amount of talk in Singapore about unity, revival, love, 24/7 worship, and supernatural healing.

My main takeaway, though, has been this question: What are the rewards of (revival/healing/unity)?

Why do I want them to happen? What kind of fruit will I reap from the kind of revival I’m pushing for? And I’ve found it necessary to go deeper with God on that question. Because I’ve started to think about what happens after all these things come. What then?

Revival, unity, 24/7 worship – they are each puzzle pieces. And without a vision that is bigger, I think we easily fall susceptible to disappointment, discouragement, disillusionment, and worst of all what I call “ministry myopia” (in which Christians see their own ministry as more important than the rest) which leads to spiritual blindness.

So I’ve been mulling over these questions, and the Lord answered me in part while I waited on Him for a message for the Journey To Wholeness book launch. I pray that my little piece of revelation inspires someone else along the journey.

The big vision, the dream of God’s heart, is oneness.

God walking with man, no holds barred, no barriers in between — that was the dream of His heart in Eden, and that is the dream He’s been seeking to fulfill all through the Bible, throughout revival history, and up till today.

Jesus Himself, the Son of the living God, the bright and morning star, the ancient of days, said, “It is good that I am about to leave you. Because then, Holy Spirit can come.” And then He went on in the same chapter of John 16 and 17 to pray for oneness – in us, amongst us, with God.

How could the light of the world say that it was better for us if He left and Holy Spirit came? Because, Oneness.

When Jesus was baptized, it is recorded that Holy Spirit came down to Him as a dove and rested on Him. This is the only account in the Bible where it is recorded that Holy Spirit came down to man in such a quiet and peaceful way. Every other account has Him coming as wind and fire.

I believe that this is because when Holy Spirit came to Jesus, He found in Him a heart so one, so aligned, so in perfect harmony with the heart of God. There was no barrier, no struggle, and Holy Spirit could just sort of nestle into Jesus’ heart.

But with the rest of us, He comes with wind and fire. Because He is the consuming fire, and He will remove everything in us that is standing in the way. Everything of the flesh that hinders closeness with God, Holy Spirit will remove.

He removes all sin and barriers between man’s heart and God’s. Because who can ascend the hill of the Lord? Those with clean hands and pure hearts. And beloved, how He wants us to ascend. He wants closeness with us.

That is also why Holy Spirit is called the comforter. He removes all the pain, unforgiveness, bitterness, and the things that clog up our hearts, so that the King of glory can come in. He heals us so that our hearts can be made whole and God can come dwell with us.

That’s why Jesus said that it was good if He left. Because He knew that Holy Spirit would come to convict the world (John 16: 8-11), thereby preparing hearts to become a habitation for the Living God.

That was the first dream of God in Eden, and that was the last dream of Jesus before He was crucified. Oneness.

I’ve been getting emails from many of you and there’s been discouragement and a sense of disconnect from God’s presence. I don’t disparage the pain of what you’re going through, and I know all too well the helplessness + frustration of wanting to be close to God when all of heaven seems silent.

Today, can I just say that I’m whispering a prayer for you? For every heart reading this that is maybe having trouble entering into the throne room of God – I am praying for you. And I see Jesus Himself, the Great Intercessor, rising up from His throne by the right-hand of God. He walks past the millions of angels +worshipers, and through the huge golden doors of the throne room. There, He kneels beside you, puts His arms over you, and intercedes with you until He once again ushers you beyond the veil and into the Father’s loving embrace.

It is His desire, and He will do it.

He will make oneness happen between you and God. Because He wants it so much more than you ever could.

Take heart, beloved.

Wait. Watch. And see what the Lord will do on your behalf.

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Idream of Eden. We were made for the Garden and the full pleasure of paradise. We got separated at Eden and we spend our whole lives searching for a way back into that secret paradise. All of life's pursuit + pain + questioning can be traced back to man's search for home. Our deepest instincts tell us that we are not home outside of this reality, and our souls will never stop searching until we return. Only there will we find rest and our true being. There, we begin to dream again the dreams that have laid asleep in our hearts all along.

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