How To Walk In The Supernatural

Walking the supernatural life is God’s will for you every single day.

May we be so bold as to make this declaration over you today?

God wants heaven to invade your little slice of earth 24/7. He wants to take your reality and straight up osmosize it with Heaven’s reality. His will is to create a very literal heaven-on-earth, just for you.

He loves you so much and desires to dwell, His Spirit in the heart of man. So today, let’s dig a little deeper into how you can walk in the supernatural daily.

There is a depth in the heart of God that no man or angel can ever fully fathom.  But the awesome, humbling fact-of-the-matter is that God desires to reveal His secrets to men.  Secrets that even the angels long to look into.

“It is the glory of God to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out.” — Proverbs 25: 2

And God is searching for men and women He can fully trust with His heart + presence.

He is searching for faithful + obedient people to be trustworthy carriers of the treasures of God.

Walking in the supernatural is firstly by the grace of God (we cannot go to Him unless He first calls us), but there is also a process that requires faithfulness + obedience on our part.

“I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the groundand dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.”

— John 12: 24

1. Falling to the Ground:  Changing of Wrong Mindsets

This could also be called the “Infant stage” in a believers’ journey.  Much like caring for an infant or a budding flower, this is a stage that is full of the Father’s grace and protectiveness.  The believer’s spirit is not yet mature and strong enough to take rigorous disciplines, and therefore it is mostly nurtured, fed and nourished at this point.  It is a season where the believer’s heart, mind, and spirit are being prepared and made ready for the journey ahead.  God does this by revealing 1) who He is, and 2) who they are.

At this stage, there is a very strong emphasis on the unconditional love of God for the person.  This is not self-centeredness, but a vital part to the healing of the heart.  Restoration work is done in the heart and mind. God will begin to surface issues of self-rejection, shame, unforgiveness, pride, etc., and bring healing + restoration in those areas.  He will target wrongful thought patterns and teach the believer to start to see themselves + their world + God in the light of Truth.

This healing and restoration process is necessary because it would be impossible for anyone to submit to a God they cannot trust. And in order to trust God, we must know who He is and who we are in Him.

To put it succinctly, the key word at this stage is “Identity”.  When we begin to understand His identity and therefore begin to discover our identity, the desire to walk close to Him will burst forth in our hearts!  That is the power of the love of God.  This is exactly how Jesus taught His disciples too!  Jesus repeatedly assured His disciples of their value to God, then He would urge them to do the two things crucial to walking in the supernatural — have absolute faith in God (now that you know your identity in Him) + seek first His Kingdom (now that you know you can trust your life to God).

When our identity and relationship with God is built on the right foundation, we are ready to move to the next level.

*If you are reading this and feel the desire to get healed + restored, you can find out more about our prophetic counseling ministry here.

2. Dying:  Surrendering Our Will to His Will

Growing into our identity as God’s Beloved goes hand-in-hand with submitting our will to the will of God.  It’s a package deal, so to speak, because that is the picture of a beloved.

Song of Solomon 8:5 says, “Who is this coming up from the desert leaning on her lover?”

This is the picture of true lovers — the Lover who offers the strength of His arm, and the beloved who rests in her Lover’s strength.  When we understand our Beloved-ness, surrendering to God is no longer a chore but a joy and a delight!

This submitting of our will to God’s will can also be called “voluntary helplessness”. The above-mentioned scripture takes place as the lovers are coming out of the desert — that is often the place that God takes us so we learn to lean on Him.  In the desert, there are no resources, status, people, etc., only God.  It is there that God teaches us how to let go of human reasoning, wisdom, and agenda; in short, dying to self.  This is just like in Hosea 2, where God pursues His beloved till she has nowhere else to turn to except Him.

The fire and desert are part of God’s beautiful mercy + deep love for us.  He loves us too much to let us go.

However, this stage of fire and/or desert will not make sense if we do not understand that it happens because we are so beloved. Most who did not press through stage 1 will not last long in this stage, because they might fall under confusion/condemnation thinking that God is a religious deity with a huge cane in His hand, ready to smack them every time they make a mistake.  Or they might think that God has abandoned them.  Both ways lead to a religious mindset.  Religiosity is the work of man and the flesh, which is man relating to God according to man’s plans, instead of man living by God’s plans.

A few years back, the Spirit of God stopped me in the middle of prayer, and He said, “My people ask for My Glory to come; they ask for revival and the outpouring of My Holy Spirit.  But do not ask for this so flippantly as you might ask for a toy – the Glory of God is not something that comes lightly.”

The double meaning to “the Glory of God is not something that comes lightly” is that 1) the Glory of God is not subject to man’s whim and fancy – He is not an ATM machine! And 2) the Glory of God is not a fluffy, flighty thing – when it comes, it also brings with it judgment of all that is unholy, for our God is a consuming fire.

There is a cost to host the glory of God. But what great reward awaits for those who willingly pay the price to lay hold of His Kingdom!

3. Bearing Much Fruit:  The Fruit of A Surrendered Life

We can only bear fruit when we abide in Christ, becoming empty + taking on His fullness. The fruit we bear will be nourishment for a dying world.  In these days more than ever, the world desperately needs the Church to bring heaven to earth.

God’s presence and the supernatural go hand-in-hand.  We cannot find God without finding also the powers of heaven invading our life and the lives of others through us.

In our pursuit of the supernatural life, it is important to note that the supernatural should point to the God of miracles, not to the miracle itself.  God’s works should never replace God.

Another important reminder is that the fruit of the Spirit must grow alongside the gifts of the Spirit.  Character sustains the anointing.  This can be seen in the life of Joseph, who had tremendous calling but did not have the maturity and wisdom to handle it in his youth. We are disciplined by God in the area of character because He wants us to succeed!  He wants us to be able to sustain the anointing, and to finish the race well.

Let a new breed arise in our generation and the one to come – a people on fire for God, touching heaven + changing earth.  Greater things are coming which the earth has not yet seen!  Let the Body of Jesus get trained + prepared!

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