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Finishing Well: Abide & Thrive

“Every end is another new beginning,” is what the Lord whispered to my heart awhile back, and it’s a statement that seems to check out with everything that’s happened this year (can you believe the year’s almost over?!).

This year has whupped me upside-down a few times. It’s been a potentially bad year on many occasions… and then God has shown up just as many times with His mighty arm to save me. It’s been a crazy, amazing, humbling, wonderful, wonderful year.

bloom mug1

I’ll spare you the long drawn out story, but I thought I’d throw it back and get real + vulnerable. Here’s the abridged recap.

This year started with the invitation from God to “come and know your God” — I said “Yes” (much excitedly) and then proceeded to get completely blindsided by the trials that came because of that Word. At the same time, I started a business and got thrown straight up into a steep but very amazing learning curve. God has been crazy faithful as my CEO and my strength + wisdom + inspiration. All that happening while my marriage with Alex crashed onto the rocks at literally the worst timing ever – my favorite day of the year, Christmas Eve. Things between us just went downhill from there for the next half-a-year or so, and my heart broke into fragments so numerous I’d never before thought possible. It was through this season of deep, dark, blinding pain that the Lord spoke a message of deep comfort to my heart. That’s also how the Mourning Into Dancing collection was birthed, as well as the Journey to Wholeness devotional for women. As our hearts + marriage healed, God took the devotional all around the world to women, men, those battling depression, christians, buddhists, etc. Then we saw another level of breakthrough in October, and I started to see things in the spirit I hadn’t seen before. That was cool but also really scary at times, but God is always present + always good + strong. Now we’re entering into a new season in 2016, and it’s all just going to be about digging deep. Planting + steadying our souls by the streams of Living Water, then thriving with dreams + visions.

That’s where the Abide & Thrive collection comes in.

So while I’ve still got your attention, here’s a couple things I think will help you as we all take that step into the new year:

1. 2016 Vision Planner. A planner that combines our Vision Sheets with a full year of pages to help you discover + walk in the unique blueprint of your life.

planner bundle

2. Dream Journal. A guided journal to record + interpret dreams from Heaven so you don’t miss the things that God is speaking to your heart.

dream journal7

Or you can shop the full collection at the Godly Womanhood Shop.

This is the message brewing in my heart for you this coming year: To bear fruit that lasts, we need to be deeply + firmly rooted in the Vine. To thrive we must abide, and in abiding we must thrive. We must be rooted so that we can bloom, and we must bloom where we’re rooted. Fruit comes out of knowing our identity.

That’s the heartbeat for this new collection. To help you thrive AND abide, and to abide AND thrive. Most of us do one or the other well, but I sense a nudging from Holy Spirit to take it one notch higher and do both simultaneously.

And it’s just peaceful, really. To be like the branch that just remains connected to the vine that naturally brings fruit.

We would LOVE to have you join us and others this year as we seek to ABIDE in God so we can THRIVE for Him. 


  • andiNovember 24, 2015 - 10:09 am

    and that’s what all of this is really about – abiding in God so that we could know His plans for our lives – and know HimReplyCancel

  • LoreyNovember 24, 2015 - 10:13 am

    I LOVE this, it’s so simple but so deep at the same time, I’ll def be looking into your beautiful journals! And I’ll def be back to visit again, your blog is awesome!ReplyCancel

  • MaeveNovember 24, 2015 - 10:41 am

    This is beautiful. I was hanging on to every word! Thank you for being so vulnerable here. I LOVE how God is using your story to create beautiful things. Such an inspiration to me. Keep writing and creating. xoxoReplyCancel

  • KristenNovember 24, 2015 - 11:11 am

    It is so wonderful how God works everything out for our good, even when we are blindsided by things at times. He is good, all the time!ReplyCancel

  • LoriNovember 24, 2015 - 11:38 am

    I love this, Samantha. Abiding in God is what our daily life is suppose to be about. I love the journals! Thank you for sharing.ReplyCancel

  • Mikki JoNovember 24, 2015 - 12:51 pm

    Abiding in God, I’m learning to do this more and more!ReplyCancel

  • FunmiNovember 24, 2015 - 6:53 pm

    Abide and thrive. That is so lovely. I am glad God brought you through all of your trials, so that you can be an inspiration to us all.


  • KimberlyNovember 24, 2015 - 10:43 pm

    Truly excited for what is to come.ReplyCancel

  • ChanelleNovember 25, 2015 - 6:57 am

    To abide is a blessing that sometimes takes work to accomplish. I love this. Abide and thrive.ReplyCancel

  • RhiannonNovember 25, 2015 - 10:39 am

    Wow! What an awesome post and I love what Holy Spirit has released to you for this new year. Amen Lord! I love your heart. Such passion and fire for God!ReplyCancel

  • TaraNovember 25, 2015 - 12:34 pm

    Your blog is absolutely beautiful! A very inspirational post too!ReplyCancel

  • Katie WestenbergNovember 25, 2015 - 12:44 pm

    Simply beautiful. The abiding and thriving is a very real challenge, one I don’t always (ever?) balance so well. What a gift God has given you, to use your authenticity and talent to shine Light and give Hope, boldly. Wishing you the very best and you use those gifts for His glory. And, I might add, the planner is gorgeous!ReplyCancel

  • Donna @ Soul SurvivalDecember 3, 2015 - 12:06 pm

    Thanks for linking up at Mondays @ Soul Survival!ReplyCancel

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