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RSVP: Christmas Mixer for Christian Singles

My Invitation

Over a lovely brunch, make friends & get to know other Christian singles from the body of Christ in Singapore.

There will be good food (we’re working on making reservations at a great cafe for you!), conversation, a couple of tasteful games (don’t worry introverts, I won’t plan games that make you cringe.), and the opportunity to makes friends + collaborate in ministry + maybe even find a kindred spirit.

The hosting team comprises a couple of (happily) married couples from different parts of the body. Our heart is for any relationship that buds from this event to find tried & tested couple friends to journey with.

This Christmas mixer is just the first of many opportunities to get to know one another. We know that sometimes connection takes time and more diverse activities are needed for you to get to know someone, so there will be optional follow-up gatherings. Those attending this mixer will get access to:

  • An optional WhatsApp chat group where you are free to build community & organise group activities
  • An afternoon for singles to volunteer together at the Pippit Road old folks’ void deck outreach
  • Outings like picnic & caroling in the park, wine / cheese tastings, hiking the singapore trail, etc, to get to know your fellow singles in a fun, relaxed setting
  • Optional pairing with tried & tested (happily) married couples to walk together with

Please fill out the form below to RSVP for the event. Note that it is mandatory for each female participant to bring at least one guy to the mixer.

There is a shortage of men in many Christian circles (average ratio of men:women is 1:6!). Most of the women who will be attending this mixer are godly women who serve God in various capacities, but just don’t have the opportunity to meet Christian men outside of their own circles.

You bringing someone of the opposite gender will help your fellow sisters meet more members of the opposite gender. Someone you see as “just a brother” may become someone else’s soulmate! The male friend(s) you bring do not have to be the same age as you. We have ladies ranging from 25 – 55 years of age. We recommend inviting the Christian single men you know, regardless of age. You can get them to sign up at this page.

Ticket price is $25, inclusive of catered tea, coffee, iced chocolate and pastries from Prodigal Cafe. The mixer will be about 2-2.5 hours.


*Do note that if you prefer to attend this as a one-off event and not be included in the above list of optional follow-up activities, select the “No chat group” option in the drop down menu!


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