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Blessings of the Upright


“By the blessing of the upright a city is exalted, but by the mouth of the wicked it is overthrown.” ~ Proverbs 11:11

This movement is a call for sons & daughters of God to start SPEAKING, PRAYING, & DOING good things for our nation.

In the Garden of Eden, man was given authority and responsibility over the earth – the land was meant to flourish under the care of man.  We lost that at the Fall, but Jesus’ death & resurrection has restored it to us!  He came to redeem all that had been lost (Luke 19:10). Now, all creation yearns for the sons and daughters of God to arise (Romans 8:19) – to step into the authority and responsibility given to us to build up our nation.  Instead of complaining about all the wrong that we see, let’s do something to create change!

Let’s be people who build up our city, for the blessings of God’s sons & daughters exalt a nation. We do this by:

1. Speaking Life

2. Acts of Kindness

3. Acts of Love

4. Acts of Justice

5. Intercession

This is a revolution: We CHOOSE to be a blessing!

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